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  • Professionals at giving great smiles
  • Giving great smiles to everyone!
  • Dental Care is important!


CamCare Dental Cares that you have the Best Smile for the Cam!


Great Services

  • Whitening- Let us whiten your teeth and then look at a mirror and see if you don’t go blind
  • Removal – Take care of your teeth before we have to pull them out
  • Cleaning – Your teeth are important, take care of them, and also let us help you


Come today and receive a free cleaning!


  • Free whitening with new patients complete exam and xray and cleaning.
  • 10% discount for implant and full denture
  • 15% discount for seniors 65 and up




  • 20% discount for the Same Day Emergency Care
  • Special discounted rates for groups and students as we are in the student discount network for dentistry.
  • some exclusions may apply



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We are regarded as industry leaders in Dentist Care.

FEB 2012

We have been operating since 2000 in Mississauga and have served….

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"After I left Camcare Dental for some reason everyone started to sat Hi to me!."
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